How It Works


Parents and carers can confidently register their children at the Club by completing our registration forms. Upon registration, parents/carers and their children are introduced to other staff members and children in the Club. At this stage some time will be spent discussing the Club policies and procedures (these can be seen on request at any time).

We require a £100 deposit (this is refundable when your child leaves) and all forms need to be fully completed before a child can be booked into the club.


Parents/carers can confidently register their children at the Club and then book them in when availability allows either on a permanent or an ad-hoc basis.

Permanent places can be booked to guarantee sessions every week and we also have very limited availability on an ad-hoc basis.

Our ad-hoc availability varies.

Please check availability before arrival by calling any of the kids club numbers 07778 160959 or 07778 160944 or 07503 387857.

On termination of a permanent place one month’s written notice is required.

We can accommodate around 60 children in both before and after school club and we operate on a 1:8 ratio of staff to children.

Signing In and Out

For entrance into the school, there is a bell situated at the main entrance of the school which can be heard in the main hall, except when the children are in the playground or if the noise level is high. In this case the Club mobiles may be contacted for entry into school to collect your children.

On arrival/departure of the Club, parents/carers are required to sign their children in and out on the register and a member of staff needs to verify this.

In the event of a child not being collected at the last collection time, attempts will be made to contact the parent/carer and emergency contacts. If attempts are unsuccessful Social Services will be contacted.

Late collection fees apply and continuous late collection times may result in exclusion from the Club.

Arrival/departure provides a good opportunity to discuss any matters about your children with a member of staff. Each child has a key worker who, whenever possible, will feedback about what activities they have enjoyed, what they ate at snack time, how they have behaved, accidents etc.

If someone other than the parent/carer will be collecting children then a member of staff must be informed by either letter or phone by the parent/carer. On collecting, the nominated person must also know the password for that child. Unless notified as stated above no-one other than the parent/carer can leave the Club with a child.


Please inform the Club if your child is absent for any session at the earliest time possible. This includes notifying the club if your child is attending any other after school activities before arriving at the Club.

For absences minimum fees for that session will be charged as applicable.

If an ad-hoc place has been booked and then cancelled, a minimum of 48 hours notice must be given otherwise the minimum fees for that session will be charged.


We aim to plan activities that are both age appropriate and stimulating for every child. Staff plan activities with the involvement of children; children are encouraged to speak to a staff member or put a wish in our ‘Wish Box’ if they have a specific idea or there is an activity they would like to do.

We also use the local amenities available to us and take groups to the park and library as well as activities in the local area.

Children are welcome to bring along toys/games of their own but the Club accepts no responsibility for items bought into the Club that are subsequently lost or broken.

We have different themed weeks and we encourage the children to have as much fun as possible through their play experiences at our club. We want children to leave our club smiling and happy having done something they have enjoyed.

Food & Drink

During each morning session we provide a selection of cereals, fruit and toast. During the afternoon session we provide a healthy snack.

A menu is displayed at the start of each week. Children can make requests for a particular snack which we always try to fulfil.

Drinking water and juice is always available and a bowl of fruit is provided during all sessions.

Children may bring their own healthy snack to the Club.